The History of EFOST

After the First World Congress of Sports Traumatology which was held in Palma de Mallorca in May 1992, Dr. Hans Paessler from Germany and Dr. Jean-Claude Imbert from France suggested the idea of founding a new organization in Europe dealing with Sports Traumatology, based on the association of different nations through north, east, south, west, or middle of Europe. The purpose was the creation  of an European network in sports trauma connecting the national sports trauma societies from the different European countries. This new group was planned to be a “Federation”, not an individual society, with the aim of coordinate and improve knowledge on sports related injuries. So, the creation of EFOST (European Federation of Orthopaedic National Association for Sport Traumatology) was completed in Munich by the initiatives of French and German National Societies (SFPTS and GOTS).
To promote a “Federation" on sports traumatology as an independent specialty within Europe the founders contacted with National Sport Trauma Associations and 1st General Assembly of EFOST was held in Santa Margareta di Liguria, Genova (Italy) at the Hotel Miramare in September 1993 with the participation of Jean-Marie Baillon (Belgium), Jean-Claude Imbert (France), Wolfgang Pförringer, Hans H. Paessler (Germany), Pantelis Nikolaou, Georgis Priftis, Nikolaos Piscopakis (Greece), Filippo Rettagliata (Italy), Arthur Dziak (Poland), Jose M. Vilarrubias (Spain) and Mahmut Nedim Doral (Turkey) as delegates. A constitution for a European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedic Sports Traumatology (EFOST) was accepted as a conclusion of this inaugural general assembly. (In this historical time also the European Union was created with “The Maastricht Treaty” at November 1st 1993.) The mission of EFOST was determined as bringing the Sport Traumatology chapter under the name of “Federation” together, spreading its concept throughout Europe and creating new ones in the Countries with no such organizations. Jean-Claude Imbert was elected as the first president of EFOST. Second general assembly was held at the second congress of the European Federation of National Association of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (EFORT) in 1995 in Munich and Giuliano Cerulli (1995-1997) was elected as the new president of EFOST by vote unanimously. At that time Dr. Huylebroek, Dr. Doral, Dr. Benazzo and Dr. Biosca were the pioneer of EFOST.

Past Presidents

Hans H. Paessler (1997-1999), Mahmut Nedim Doral (1999-2002), Paco Biosca (2002-2004), Franco Benazzo (2004-2007), José Huylebroek (2007-2010), Francois Kelberine (2010-2012), Nicola Maffulli (2012-2014) and Gernot Felmet (2014-2016) served EFOST as president in the final period.

The first Specialty Day Meeting at the EFORT Congress in Munich, was followed by other EFOST meetings in 1997 Barcelona, in 1999 Brussels and in 2001 Rhodes.
EFOST has than organized eight Congresses until 2015 :

  • Munich 2001, with GOTS, Congress President Dr. Hans H. Paessler,
  • Monaco 2003, Congress President Dr. Jean-Claude Imbert,
  • Madrid 2004, Congress Presidents Dr. Pedro Guillen & Dr. Paco Biosca,
  • Pavia 2006, Congress President Dr. Franco Benazzo,
  • Antalya 2008, Congress President Dr. Mahmut Nedim Doral
  • Brussels 2010, Congress President Dr. Jose Huylebroek
  • London 2012, Congress President Dr. Francois Kelberine & Dr. Roger Hackney (Combined with World Sports Trauma Congress)
  • Torino 2015, Congress Presidents Dr. Gian Luigi Canata & Dr. Gernot Felmet

EFOST organized sessions in several European and National Congresses .A lot of things were carried out since 1993 guided by the European Spirit and a friendship over the boarders and the enthusiasm to develop a European Education in Orthopaedic and Sports Traumatology on to a high level EFOST became visble. Behind this energy and activities were individuals and idealists with the idea of an EFOST Family and an European Friendship over the Boarders. Their tools where E-journal, fellowship programs and their education  improving the links between the national sports traumatology societies, later a modern internet presence with continuous E-Newsletter and many other current activities including an Academy. EFOST fellowship have been organized by Francois Kelberine and became one of its most successful brands and very popular even in the USA where Dr. William Wind and Dr. Michael Rauh were the fellows of the 2008 EFOST fellowship program with intensive exchange of  experiences in Belgium with Dr. Huylebroek, Italy with Dr. Benazzo, France with Dr. Kelberine and Turkey with Dr. Doral at the 5th EFOST Meeting. The following years document the interesting and fruitful US and European Fellowship for the Ambassadors of EFOST that had been organized by Burt Klos until 2015. The Biological Ligament and Joint Academy (BLJA) was founded in this last period for training and education in conservative, rehabilitative and surgical techniques using a maximum of biological and individual resources.

Four (4) EFOST Books about surgical techniques in orthopedic traumatology initialized by Francois Kelberine and Nicola Maffulli and others have been published in the years 2015/16.

Since 2010 the Scientific Associations had to face a growing centralization of the medical industry to global players. Europe was changing and many things influenced EFOST over the following years.

The international and worldwide process of growing centralism also in Scientific Associations made  the survival of a Federation  of the European National Associations in Orthopaedic and Sports Traumatology more and more difficult. Therefore wise and intelligent ways had to be found and devised. – The last EFOST congress in November 2015 was celebrated with the motto “With Enthusiasm to New Horizons“. After 23 years of life this was the last EFOST highlight into the future under the direction of the last President of EFOST Gernot Felmet, Germany and Vice President Gian Luigi Canata, Italy:  EFOST ended it´s activities  the 4th of May 2016 and  decided to establish a new and modern platform  becoming a part of ESMA which has been founded  the 6th of May 2016 in Barcelona. ESMA is the acronym of European Sports Medicine Associates, a section of ESSKA.

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