President´s Letter

May 2016

Dear friends of EFOST
in this letter I have to inform you that at Wednesday May 4th 2016 the General Assembly of EFOST decided in the Hilton Diagonal Mar in Barcelona unanimously the dissolution of the European Federation of National Associations of Orthopedic Sports Traumatology.

After a history of 23 years EFOST stopped its activity with this moment.- The fundament of EFOST was built with the idealism and the European Idea also with friendship over the borders. Never stop becoming better needed new answers and solutions, exchange and education. 
But Europe was changing and many things changed around and in EFOST over the years. The international and worldwide process of centralism also in our field could not be ignored. Therefor it was necessary to leave the structure of a federation. The EFOST Board is convinced that we will have a fruitful future in the new ESMA, the  “European Sports Medicine Associates” as a Section of ESSKA.- ESMA was founded at May 6th 2016 in Barcelona during the ESSKA Congress including EFOST board members:

Hermann Mayr Chair, Karl Peter Benedetto, Mirco Herbort Secretary, Jose Huylebroek Coordinator of the Ambassadors and Henrique Jones Treasurer.
As ambassadors for different forms of sport we all go the first new steps with the motto of the last EFOST Congress 2015 in Torino “With Enthusiasm to New Horizons”
Thank you all for your confidence and friendship over the many years for a successful work allowing me to serve EFOST as President in this last important episode.
My best wishes for all of you and your families
and a fruitful future with ESMA!
Gernot Felmet, Germany
Last President of EFOST

Gernot Felmet

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