EFOST Team Physician Travelling Fellowship report

The fellowship lasted for 2 weeks (exact dates 15-28/11/2015). Two lucky chosen fellows were:
  1. M.D., Ph.D. Pierre Rotzius from Stockholm, Sweden. Works as orthopaedic surgeon in Södersjukhuset and Karolinska Institute. Also Swedish national futsal team and Hammarby football club´s (the most popular one in the country!) team doctor.
  2. M.D. Timo Rahnel from Tartu, Estonia. Recently became orthopaedic surgeon, works in Tartu University Clinic. Estonia U21 national football team´s doctor and board member of local AO Chapter.
First centre to visit was Gamma Clinic in Warsaw, Poland. Our host was charismatic Dr Grzegorz Adamczyk.

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We were stunned by the richful opportunities and equipment one private clinic can have. Having MRI, CT, US + skillful staff all under one roof- these all are important prerequisites to offer nowadays high-class service. We had opportunity to follow and take part in the clinic´s work for 2 days. Starting from neurosurgical procedures, out-patient clinic, US-specialist´s work, we assisted in wide variaty of surgeries (from complicated chronic hand injuries to arthroscopic surgeries and foot and ankle surgeries). Beside that visited one of the Warsaw´s Polish premier league volleyball team´s training and Polish Sport´s Institute with experience of seeing high-class sportsmen physiological testings, visiting WADA antidoping lab and meeting sports scientists.

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With all this packed schedule we still had opportunity to also see some parts of the Polish capital with its cultural heritage and old town and meet dr Adamczyk team from the hospital and enjoy Polish delicious cuisine together.  

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On November 18th we moved forward to our next destination-Estonia (read: Timo got homesick and we moved back to Estonia).
Estonia surprised us with its national Orthopaedic Association´s Year Congress that was held in rural area in North-Estonia in the middle of untouched nature, in Vihula manor. We took part of the first day and also had our presentations in that event.
After that our host Dr Madis Rahu took us to Tartu, which is the second biggest city in Estonia. There we had the opportunity to witness his excellent arthroscopic surgery skills during several operations. Different interesting cases from knee injuries and shoulder arthroscopy made our days pass quickly. We also visited Tartu University Clinic´s Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic with its excellent facilities. 
efost fellowshipreport 7 efost fellowshipreport 8 efost fellowshipreport 9 Next day moving back to Tallinn where we had another day in the operating theatre, and also chance to visit Estonian Sports Medicine Cluster SportEST. In the evening we had the chance to enjoy a ballet at the Estonian National Opera. Such long and intense days didn´t leave much of surplus energy to enjoy Tallinn´s friday´s nightlife but still.

And again it was time to move on ...
Our next destination was the south of Germany, Villingen-Schwenningen, but our flight took us to Zurich were the President of EFOST Dr. Gernot Felmet picked us up. The first day with Dr. Felmet was all recreation and we visited the beautiful lake Constance, the source of Donau (Danube) in Donaueschingen and continued to the deep forest in the national park of Schwarzwald.
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After a nice dinner we were taken to our Spa hotel which also serves as the rehabilitation facility for Dr. Felmets patients. We had two intense days in his clinic where we had the oppurtunity to learn the implant free, press-fit technique for ACL-reconstructions.   
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The clinic had an amazing design with 6 rooms connected to each other and one could just move from room to room where the patients were already prepared for examination. In between surgeries several patients were seen. Records were kept by using a voice recognition system and all files, including images from surgery and x-rays were integrated in the same software. It was particularly interesting to see his post-op which he regularly had planned on Day 1, 3 and 7. Most of the patients stayed at the hotel and had intense rehabilitation during the first post-operative period. During our stay we also visited one of the health insurance companies and received a brief introduction in the German healthcare system.
On the 24th of November our trip continued to Torino where we were welcomed by Dr. Gianluigi Canata, who took great care of us during the following days. We started every morning with a classic italian breakfast, standing in a Café.   

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As on previous destinations the days were busy. In the operating room we experienced all kinds of knee surgerys ranging from medial collateral ligament reconstruction/ and or suturing, total knee replacements, ostecondral lesions to ACL-reconstructions. During lunch we were invited for presentations at the hospital and in the afternoon we visited Torino Institute of Sports. The institute is locatied within the olimpic arena and is a center that takes care of all the top athletes from the region. At the institute all pre-season screening for Juventus and Torino players takes place as well as all cardiac screening for younger athletes. The place seems to be constantly busy since it is mandatory for all italian youths taking part in competitve sports to do screening once per year. Since we are both very fond of football, Dr. Canata really made our stay by getting us tickets for the sold out Champions League game between Juventus and Manchester City.
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After 2 very interseting days with Dr. Canata it was time for Torino International Congress on Sports Medicine 8th EFOST Congress 2015…
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