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EFOST 2006-2012

1st Meeting of the EFOST, Munich, Germany, 2001

2nd Meeting of the EFOST, Monaco, Monaco, 2003

3rd Meeting of the EFOST, Madrid, Spain, 2004

4th Meeting of the EFOST, Pavia, Italy, September 2006

EFOST 2006

5th Meeting of the EFOST, Antalya, Turkey, November 2008

EFOST 2008

6th Meeting of the EFOST, Brussels, Belgium, November 2010

EFOST 2010

7th Meeting of the EFOST, London, UK, October 2012

EFOST 2012

8th EFOST Congress 2015 - Torino International Congress on Sports Traumatology, Torino, Italy, November 2015

efost torino2016

This was the last Congress of EFOST, the European Federation of National Associations of Orthopedic Sports Traumatology, I look with great pride and a sense of great responsibility to all of my predecessors. In the last 23 years, they have formed EFOST. The field of orthopedics and sports traumatology is still fascinating, and constitutes the basis for our good relationship and friendship. In the year 2015, we sent again three colleagues from different European countries to our US Fellowship and two for our European Fellowship.
This Congress highlighted the most important topics with international accepted speakers in orthopedics and sports traumatology and rehabilitation. Beside the scientific questions we also elucidated health care questions over the borders in sports traumatology.

This congress also was an important step into the future to a new European Orthopedic Sports Medicine Association with ESSKA and held in European Capital of Sports 2015.

Gernot Felmet, President of EFOST
Gian Luigi Canata, Vice President of EFOST

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